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We think that many people are feeling lack of exercise or stress due to the new coronavirus.
Through karate, the Omaru Dojo will help you with your health both from your body and mind.

[Physical effects] Immunity improvement, maintenance and improvement of physical strength and muscular strength, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, maintenance and formation of healthy body shape
[Psychological effect] Mood change, stress relief, motivation improvement

Flow to Admission

Reservation for free trial or observation

You can get trial or observation once for free.

Reservations are accepted for one group in each class. 
Please make a reservation by phone or email as soon as possible. 

Phone number


Free trial or observation

Please make a reservation by phone or email as soon as possible. 

◎About free trial
We will rent karate uniforms for free trials, so please bring towels and drinks and come 20 minutes before the start of training. We will teach you to enjoy even the first time, so please feel the atmosphere of the dojo while enjoying. There will be no practice (called kumite) in which you can punch and kick each other freely during the free trial.

・At this time we will not make any unreasonable invitation. Please be assured.
・Free trial and observation for those who are not willing to admission are not allowed. Especially when applying for two or more people, participation as an attendant who is not seriously considering admission is strictly prohibited.
・We also accept free trials for foreigners coming from abroad for sightseeing. Please contact us for details.

Apply for admission/Procedure

If you would like to get started, please make a reservation by phone or email. Please fill out the bipartite pledge and the membership fee transfer form and pay the fees. Please bring the following "Requirements for Admission".

Formal admission 

Requirements for Admission

All prices include tax.

Admission fee 10,000
2 Month tuition fee 11,000~

Karate uniform fee

Sports insurance fee Less than 15 years 800
Over 16 years 1,850
Protective equipment fee For children 3,410
For adults 5,610

・There is no additional fee such as annual fee.
・If you join in the middle of the month, the month tuition fee for the introductory month will be prorated. (If you are a member more than twice a week and start from the 16th, the current month will be half price. )

  • Seal registered in bank and passbook (Yucho bank also available)
  • 1 ID photo (3x4cm, black and white or color)

Monthly tuition fee (yen)

All prices include tax.

  Once/week More than 2 times/week
Children under12years 5,500 7,700
Student from 13 to 18 years 6,600 8,800
Over 18 years 7,700 9,900

・There are no annual fees or facility fees.
・Once/week ... You can participate on the day you specified. (Changeable after admission)
・More than 2 times/week… You can participate as many times a week (1 class per day) with a fixed monthly fee at the headquarters or branch.

Weekly schedule

※Thursday children PL classes 19:30-20:30 are not open to free trial.


Takatori headquarter

Address1-3-23-1F Takatori, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-city(Immediately east from Sunny Takatori store in Takatori shopping street)
Access:Fujisaki station Subway Airport-line 4min on foot
Nishijin station Subway Airport-line 7min on foot
Parking:Coin parking nearby
Bicycle parking:Available




Changing room

Washlet toilet

Nokata branch

Address7-941 Nokata, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-city (Nearby Nokata Iseki, The side of a reservoir)
Access:Nishitetsu Bus 「Nokata Iseki」3min
on foot
Bicycle parking:Available


Signs along the road

Signs on site



Momochi branch

Address:Fukuoka city Momochi gymnastics(2-3-15 Momochi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-city)(Next to Fujisaki Bus Terminal)
Access:Fujisaki station Subway Airport-line 
1min on foot
Nearby Fujisaki Nishitetsubus terminal
Bicycle parking:Available

Susenji branch

Address:Senri meeting place(451-6 Senri,
Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-city)
Access:JR Chikuhi Line Susenji Station 13min on foot
About 400m from Showa Bus 「Senri」
Bicycle parking:Available




Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Closed days: Sundays and holidays
I may not be able to answer calls during lessons. In that case, I will call you back later.

※Mail is accepted 24 hours.