Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo

We want to tell you through the Karate ...

Skills that are required for the life and
harmony by observing the proprieties.

What is Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo?

The aim of Oomaru Dojo is not only physical training, but also character building by learning propriety and patience and caring others through Karate.
Propriety is showing a consideration and a respect for others.
Our Dojo is the physical and mental training place where Doshu Sensei Oomaru believes "There is a true kindness beyond real strength". It is a belief at our Dojo, that continuing karate practice creates self-confidence and self-confidence leads to the marrow of life. The regular practice of Karate is the ticket to improvement. By sweeping away the negative image that karate is "frightening, painful and hard", we endeavor to create an environment where everyone enjoys learning. We do not insist on harsh training, we teach theoretical and rational training.
Kumite (Sparring) is performed by applicants both in Children and Adults class, and applicants and non-applicants are practicing separately.
Protective guards are used in Sparring to prevent from injury and to practice safe and continue.

About Children class

We consider Karate training as independent discipline training, mentally and economically in the future. The program is designed with a focus on learning fundamental propriety, spirits, and patience more than technical and physical strength. The program is designed this way to prevent sports injury's during growth by unreasonable training.
Greeting in a bright voice is important. We encourage and teach our students to "do it by yourself", "keep things tidy and in order", "give attention to things" and "have gratitude to others".

About Adults class

We design program for diet, development of strength, mental training, so the purposes are varied. The programs differ from exercise intensity, for age, sex and experiences.
Also, we support students who want to attend conventions, and teach students who learn much higher techniques.
Our students attend Full contact Karate tournaments. By direct contacting, it feels pain and tenderness to others.
Full contact Karate is introduced as Knockdown Karate with direct contact using bare knuckle and legs(including knee). Basically, punching to the face, grabbing, and holding are prohibited.
Based on the idea that Karate is suitable to every situations, Doshu Sensei Oomaru learned various Martial Arts, for example Kickboxing, MMA, grappling and both advantages and dealings are adopted to Oomaru karate.

For women class

This class by women trainers is reccommend to women who want to Karate.
Karate for women has a variety of effects making ​​feminine body line, promoting health ,and reducating stress.
You move body that don't move in daily life,so you can build up your health.
※Due to unavoidable circumstances, it may be men trainer.

About Kids & Adults class

it is exiting time that kids & adults together do karate
it is many exiting that parents & child or Over Generations communicate.
kids learn from adults and adults learn kids.