Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo

Frequent question and Answer

Q1.I want to attend Dojo, but can I observe Dojo or attend trial exercise?
A1. Yes. Feel free to come to Dojo and observe. If you want to attend exercise, please bring T-shirts, shorts and so on.
Q2.Do you have age limit?
A2.We accept children from 3years of age and we have no upper limit. Students more than 60 years of age also join and enjoy Karate. Physical condition is different from individual to individual. So, please attend trial exercise.
Q3.I am not young, so can I keep up with other students?
A3.New students in 30s and 40s are increasing these days.60s also practices.
Q4.I do not have a particular exercise experience, can I keep up with other students?
A4.In most cases, new students do not have a particular exercise experience. So, students can practice depending on each purposes and physical strength, regardless of age and gender.
Q5. Should I attend practice every day?
A5.Practice is not enforced. Continuing Karate exercise at your own pace is the key to progress.
So you can choose lesson on a weekly basis or several times in a week.
Q6.Can I join in a lesson when late?
A6.Yes. when you are late for the lesson, you should perform warming up exercises before entering the lesson and wait with meditation. If you need to leave bofore the class finishes, please tell us before the lesson begins.
Q7.For children class, are there any parent’s shift?
A7. No. We have entirely no parent’s shift.

Q&Aの最終更新日 : 2017-06-21