Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo

Doshu Sensei Oomaru

Yoshihiro Oomaru


Thank you for visiting our HP. Our dojo has students from 3years to 60's ,men and women of all ages who enjoy and exercise Karate. For the purpose of that every student practice brightly, I teach Karate considering age and gender. Sweeping away the negative image that karate is” frightened, painful, hard”, we do not insist harsh training, teach theoretical and rational training.
From the philosophy, “Karate with Society and Daily life”, I do not insist unreasonable training.
Training may feel hard at the beginning but with continuous training it will feel easier in the future.
Oomaru karate is suitable for a person who wants to loss weight and get into shape, who needs to start doing regular exercise and wants to develop physical strength. It also helps you to learn proprieties, to improve concentration, and helps you to improve physical and spiritual strength.
Walking and running for some people can be boring and makes it difficult to continue and create a regular patten of exercise. Training with a purpose, like Karate, encourages you continually improve and get fit, in this way you will create a long term pattern of regular exercise.
From Kihon(Basic of Fundamentals) to kicking and punching at mitt and Kumite (Sparring by applicants), we offer enjoyable exercise program, you can continue practice without weariness.
Also, let’s release stress with lack of exercise resolution. Mess the frustration by striking mitt.
Through Karate exercise, you do not only gain physical and mental strength but also feel enjoyment through sweating. Karate helps you to care about others and to learn and show courtesy, it make you healthy in mind and body.
Oomaru Karate adopts full contact Karate, but we take particular note of safety and teach students from beginners carefully ,so you may set your mind at ease. For that purpose, Kumite(Sparring) is performed by applicants among students.
“There is a true kindness beyond real strength.”
“Practice strong, sturdy, brightly” and Try hard to seek true kindness.
First of all, come to Dojo and attend trial exercise.
Please feel free to attend with some drink and comfortable clothing.
Thanks. Osu

Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo
Doshu Sensei Yoshihiro Oomaru

Doshu Sensei Oomaru Karate history

I started Karate at 8 years of age.
I graduated from Seinann University in economics, worked at a non-Karate related business and then started Oomaru dojo in 2006.


2000&2001: 2won in 2 fight in Bujinnhai Karate one match
2000&2002: finished second in All Kyushu Karate tournament
2002&2004: won the victory in All Japan Souryuuha Karate tournament.
2003: finished second in All Japan Souryuuha Karate tournament
2003: won the victory in Phoenix cup Karate tournament organized by Kyokushinnkaikan.
2004: won the victory in Dragon cup Karate tournament organized by Kyokushinkaikan
From 2005 to now: attend to All Japan Karate tournament organized by Kyokushinkaikan
2005: finished final8 in All Japan Karate tournament organized by Seidokaikan
2007: finished second in Miyazaki Karate tournament organized by Kyokushinkaikan
2009: won the victory in Suounadahai Karate tournament.
2010: finished final8 in All Japan Karate tournament organized by Byakurenkaikan

Now I continue to challenge Karate tournament as a player.


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