Aliveness and Full contact Karate Oomaru Dojo

Doshu Sensei Oomaru teaches private lessons to people who want to try Karate, but do not feel confident or are hesitant to go to a Dojo, or who receives lessons all the time.
It is recommended for the person who live faraway, and who is hard to come to Dojo on a regular basis.
The lesson contains, stretching, fundamentals, striking mitt and sparring. Light exercise and weight training, are also available.

from children to adults, available for individuals, groups, schools etc.
60 minutes from beginning lesson to end.
Private lesson fee
10,800yen for one person and 8,640yen for one additional person
Travel fee
1,050yen for round trip inside one hour.
2,100yen from 1 to 2 hours.
Subsequently 1,050yen for additionally one hour.
Travel expense and utility fee are additionally required.

※All Tax included.

Before lesson, inquiry about lesson purpose and contents is done and after lesson, follow-up is considered.