About new coronavirus measures(Updated August. 20, 2021)

We take the following measures to prevent infectious diseases. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all visitors.

<About visit>
・Be sure to wear a mask.

● Please refrain from visiting the following people.
・ Those who have symptoms such as fever and cold, and those who are not in good physical condition
・ Those who have been in close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus test
・ Children who cannot attend school due to class closure, grade closure, or school closure due to confirmation of new coronavirus positive persons

<About training>
・ Please disinfect your hands when you enter.
・Please wear a mask when practicing. Instructors also wear masks at all times. (In consideration of the physical burden of wearing the mask, take measures such as shortening the continuous exercise time and providing frequent breaks.)
・ Ventilate at all times.
・ Tools such as mitts after use are disinfected and sterilized.
・ Regularly disinfect and sterilize tools and parts (doorknobs, etc.) that many people touch.
・ Practice at intervals as much as possible.
・ We will reduce the number of basic lessons such as vocalization.

※ Mitigation measures may be taken depending on the situation.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Closed days: Sundays and Japanese holidays
I may not be able to answer calls during lessons. In that case, I will call you back later.

※Mail is accepted 24 hours.