About new coronavirus measures

We are working to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases as described below, and we would like to ask all those who come to trial or observation to understand and cooperate with us.

<About visit>
・ Please refrain from visiting if you have a basic illness, are not feeling well, have fever or a cold, or have a taste or smell disorder.
・ Please refrain from visiting if you have a strong contact with a suspected person.
・ Please wear a mask.

<About training>
・ Please wash your hands when entering the venue.
・ Please wear a mask when practicing. The instructor also wears a mask.
(In consideration of the burden on the body of wearing a mask, we take measures such as frequent breaks. Also, for infants who have difficulty wearing a mask, it is up to each family to decide whether or not to wear it.)
・ We disinfect and wash the instructors' hands as needed.
・ We provide ventilation at all times.
・ We don't do free kumite in normal practice.
・ We disinfect and sterilize tools such as mitt after use.
・We will practice with as much space as possible between people.
※Depending on the situation, mitigation measures will be taken.

In addition to enhancing immunity by practicing karate, it is also useful for maintaining and improving physical strength and muscular strength, preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity (physical effect), and mood change and stress relief (psychological effect). I will do my best.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


I may not be able to answer calls during lessons. In that case, I will call you back later.

※Mail is accepted 24 hours.