About new coronavirus measures(Updated May. 9, 2021)

We take the following measures to prevent infectious diseases. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all visitors.

<About visit>

・Be sure to wear a mask.

● Please refrain from visiting the following people.
・ Those who have symptoms such as fever and cold, and those who are not in good physical condition
・ Those who have been in close contact with those who are positive for the new coronavirus test and those who are suspected of being infected
・ Those who have had close contact with those within 14 days after returning from overseas and those within 14 days after returning from overseas

<About training>
・ Please disinfect your hands when you enter.
・Please wear a mask when practicing. Instructors also wear masks at all times. (We recommend that you use a mask that is suitable for exercise. In consideration of the physical burden of wearing the mask, take measures such as shortening the continuous exercise time and providing frequent breaks.)
・ Ventilate at all times.
・ Tools such as mitts after use are disinfected and sterilized.
・ Regularly disinfect and sterilize tools and parts (doorknobs, etc.) that many people touch.
・ Practice at intervals as much as possible.
・ We will reduce the number of basic lessons such as vocalization.

・ Rental space is closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

※ Mitigation measures may be taken depending on the situation.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Closed days: Sundays and holidays
I may not be able to answer calls during lessons. In that case, I will call you back later.

※Mail is accepted 24 hours.